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About Us
We are the StuyQuantum leaders for the 2023-2024 school year!

Our Leadership Board


Shwetlana Jha


Hi, I'm Shwetlana! I have a strong interest in Quantum Computing and linear algebra. I have participated in many IBM/qiskit courses and in MIT's quantum computing hackathons(iQuHACK). This summer, I worked with a professor at Yale University on a research project in Quantum Error Correction! Outside of academics, I enjoy playing tennis and dancing.



Arielle Nudelman

Vice President

Hello, I'm Arielle! I enjoy anything computer science related from mobile app development to data science, but especially software development. I took courses for programming languages including Python, Swift, Javascript, Java, Lua, and more. Aside from having an interest in computer science, I love to play tennis and watch shows on Netflix during my free time!



Alp Vargelci

Director of Content

Hey everyone! I'm Alp and my interests lie primarily in theoretical physics and philosophy. I have taken several courses in quantum computing with IBM and competed in numerous quantum hackathons. I have a passion for teaching and spreading my excitement to others. During my free time I like to play the electric guitar, read history books, and go cycling if the weather permits!



Aareeb Jamil

Director of Outreach

Hello, I'm Aareeb. My main academic focus is physics, and I'm one of the captains of the Stuyvesant Physics Team. I am also interested, however, in other STEM topics, such as the science that makes quantum computing possible. During my free time, I enjoy reading books, listening to music, and watching movies. Something unique about me is that I love to make yogurt!



Baron Ng

Social Media Committee Member

I have an interest in pretty much every STEM field and a growing interest in Visual Arts and Music. My favorite food is braised beef stew and I love eating spicy food because then taste hardly matters. I love traveling, but I am still 17 so that's mostly out the window. I like trying out new things and I will get really giddy if you reference something I understand.



Khondamir Khudaybergenov

Outreach Committee Member

Hello, I'm Khondamir Khudaybergenov and I'm part of the Outreach team for StuyQuantum. The reason I got into quantum computing is due to the future it has in the field of neuroscience. Being an aspiring neuroscientist, I'd like to not only learn more but also spread more information about quantum computing and its future in the medical field.