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Below are our slideshows that we during our meetings. Feel free to click the links to the google slides presentations.

Our Slideshows

Interest Meeting


In this meeting we introduced our club for the 2023-2024 school year. We went over our timeline, including some of the competitions we will participate in, and we introduced our team.

Week 1 - Introduction to Classical Computing


In this lesson, we covered the basics of classical computing, including binary, logic gates, and some basic circuits.

Week 2 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics


In this lesson, we covered the various topics in quantum mehanics including waves vs. particles, wave-particle duality, and the double slit experiment.

Week 3 - Introduction to Python Programming


In this lesson, we covered the basics of the python programming language including variables, loops, and various mathematical operations.

Week 4 - Quantum Gates


In this lesson, we covered the basic quantum gates, including the x, y, and z gates, matrices, scalars vs vectors, and the bloch sphere.

Week 5 - Quantum Circuits


In this lesson, we covered what Qiskit is and the basics of how to use it. We discussed how to add qubits and classical bits, how to draw circuits, apply gates, and more.

Week 6 - Two Qubit Gates and Entanglement


In this lesson, continued to learn about quantum gates, focusing on two qubit gates and entanglement. Entanglement is a fundamental quantum phenomenon and will continue to play a major role in our later meetings.

Week 7 - More Algorithms and Circuits


In this lesson, we learned how to represent qubit states, including both single and multi qubit states. We spent the rest of the meeting practicing coding circuits!

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