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Learn about one of the coolest and most increasingly popular fields.
What is Stuy Quantum?

Our Purpose

StuyQuantum focuses on creating a strong community where students can learn about quantum computing and its different applications. This club will expose students to a realm of science they may not have learned about before and will allow them to connect the knowledge they learn about quantum computing with real life scenarios. Quantum computing can often be seen as a daunting field of science and this club aims to get rid of any fear associated with it. We hope to either inspire students to pursue quantum computing or just provide them with knowledge that they can take into their future careers. We wish to provide students with resources and connections that will benefit them in whatever career path they take. We will teach our members important concepts in quantum computing and different tools, such as qiskit(IBM), azure(Microsoft), etc. We hope to have talks with experienced people in this field, visit tech companies in this field, attend hackathons, and work on long term projects as a group.

Why quantum computing?

What makes this organization unique is that it provides students with numerous resources and a strong community with which they can learn about quantum computing. Quantum computing is not taught in STEM classes in school. Our club hopes to educate students in this field, especially as it becomes increasingly relevant and important. We want to provide students with knowledge in this field as they don't seem to be getting it anywhere else. Although students can get this information online, our club aims to teach students about quantum computing in a fun and structured way, and provide a close community they can be a part of.

Why our organization?

Quantum computing has become an increasingly popular and important subject. It is considered to be the future because it allows us to solve large and complex problems that would not be able to be solved on a classical computer. As such, it is important for students to be able to learn about this interesting, new field of science. This club will help teach students about different and important concepts related to quantum computing. It will provide a community in which students can learn and grow with others who have the same interests as them. This club is open to students of all backgrounds and levels. We want to provide all students with the resources and community through which to explore quantum computing and make an impact in the field. We encourage everyone and anyone to join. Not only will students be able to gain conceptual knowledge in this field, but they will also be able to learn from experienced professionals and make connections with them. We will provide students with many opportunities to practice their skills, including possible hackathons, visits to companies, long-term club projects, resources and tools with which they can explore on their own, such as IBM qiskit, Microsoft azure, Google cirq, etc.

2023 Calendar


Leadership Applications Due

It's that time of year again when we are looking for some board members to join our team. We have positions in three departments: content, outreach, and social media. Be sure to check out the descriptions on our Instagram page for more information!
11:59 pm

Interest Meeting

We are so excited to be back up and running for the 2023-2024 school year! Thank you all for coming to visit our table during the Clubs & Pubs Fair! During this meeting we will introduce our club as a whole, as well as this year's leaders. We will also run through our agenda for the year!
3:45 pm

Week 1 Meeting

This is our first official lesson for this school year! We will be starting with some crucial classical computing topics before we get into quantum computing in our later meetings. We will be fully covering binary, logic gates, and some of the basic circuits.
3:45 pm

Week 2 Meeting

This week we will get into quantum mechanics. We will learn about a few scientists and their contributions to quantum mechanics. Some topics we will cover include: waves, particles, wave-particle duality, and the double-slit experiment. Tune in for a cool video explaining the double-slit experiment!
3:45 pm

Week 3 Meeting

We are finally getting into coding! We will be covering the fundamentals of Python. We will go over syntax, common coding practices like inserting comments, and the benefits of using Python. We will learn about variables, loops, and mathematical operations.
3:45 pm

Week 4 Meeting

We previously covered logic gates, but now we will look into quantum gates. To do this, we will learn about vectors and cover the differences between vectors and scalars. Through learning about quantum gates, we will be learning how to manipulate qubits.
3:45 pm

Qiskit Fall Fest 2023

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Qiskit for this year's Qiskit Fall Fest. More information about this event is available on our Fall Fest page above.
8:00 pm - 11:59 pm

Week 5 Meeting

This week we will get into programming quantum gates and circuits. You will need this information for the Qiskit Fall Fest 2023. We will also be answering any questions related to the challenges in the Jupyter Notebook, so be sure to come and ask!
3:45 pm

Week 6 Meeting

This week we will get continue looking into quantum gates, but we will now be focusing on two qubit gates and entanglement. Entanglement is a fundamental quantum phenomenon and will continue to play a major role in our later meetings.
3:45 pm

Week 7 Meeting

This week we will be putting everything we have done so far together and looing deeper at quantum circuits, as well as quantum algorithms. We will be having a slightly shorter meeting this week and it will be our last meeting of 2023! Have a wonderful winter break everyone!
3:45 pm